Bellaire Christmas Poem

A Bellaire Christmas Poem!!!

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the Bellaire
The dealers were selling
All the drugs that they could.
The cops on patrol
Never see a damn thing
Across the street are some carolers
Being mugged as they sing.
The burglars are entering
The house in the rear
Knowing there is no neighbor watch
So they’ve nothing to fear.

Presents all wrapped
And placed under the tree
Are taken by thieves
That nobody sees
A man dressed as Santa
With a bag full of loot
Walks casually down the sidewalk
With our ham in his suit.

We arrive at our home
Full of the Christmas joy
But all of that changes
When we see we have
Not one single toy
The children get tucked in
Their beds as they cry
So ends this poem….
‘Merry Christmas’